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In the quest to create content for their websites and digital platforms, business owners will often be faced with one challenge – producing original and unplagiarized content. The Internet is flooded with all forms of information. There is almost nothing that you can think about that hasn’t been written about.

So how do you produce original content without plagiarizing existing material? How can you recreate existing content so that it looks and sounds unique and different from anything else on the Internet?

The answer is through content rewriting. Content rewriting helps businesses to provide already existing information from a fresh perspective. It is a form of digital marketing that when leveraged can save business resources while still reaching out to the customers.

In the content marketing world, rewriting is often given priority because of its effectiveness:

  • It is cheaper: If you pay $50 for a blog post written from scratch, it will cost you only $20-30 to have it rewritten
  • It takes less time: your writers (or article rewriters) don’t need to spend much time doing research.

However, this doesn’t mean that it should be taken for granted. You need a professional article rewriter to transform every piece you assign into a fresh and more useful content.

We will shed light on content rewriting and how it is an ideal way of generating original content from already existing material on the Internet

What is Article Rewriting?

Article rewriting is a form of professional writing that involves producing original and unique content from existing information on the web. Writing for the web is not an easy task as almost every industry is saturated with information.

Coming up with new ideas can be incredibly exhausting and time-consuming. However, by using a content rewriter, you can provide a new perspective, bring in new ideas, and introduce new opinion that is not existent on the Internet.

But why should you find content rewriting services? Why not just copy and paste existing material on your website or social media?

Duplicating content can hurt your marketing strategies. Plagiarism will not only ruin your online reputation, but it can also get you penalized by search engines. Businesses that want to boost their SEO, gain an online reputation and command authority should desist from duplicating information from other online sources.

Our Services

Article Writing

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Whatever the type of writing, watch our writers create a thorough and engaging content that captivates your audience 

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Our expert writers can create well-structured eBooks that explore your topic and provide real value for your readers 

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We help you find a voice and product description style that suits your brand

Content Rewrites

Have existing contents re-written to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google 

What’s the Best Way to Paraphrase a Sentence?

To rewrite content, you need to know how to paraphrase, which means to put the content in your own words. Paraphrasing is useful when the content’s message is passed without using the words, structure, or layout of the original writer. The best way to paraphrase is by following these guidelines:

  • Change the wording. Use synonyms and other words that can be used to relay the message without using the original writer’s words
  • Change the structure and format of the content.
  • Make notes of major points and keywords. Notes help you to put content into your own words and create an original and unique piece.

You can only effectively paraphrase material if you adequately understand the subject matter. Otherwise, you will end up copying the entire piece and risking plagiarism.

Rewriting vs. Spinning

Spinning and article rewriting are distinct techniques. While rewriting aims at expressing the main idea in entirely new and unique wording and formats, spinning replaces the words with synonyms. There are software tools that are used today to spin content.

Spinning is not a good idea for any business owner. First, the content may not always make sense to the reader. Replacing words with their synonyms can generate a piece that’s unreadable and frustrating to your audience. Content spinning is also a no for marketers due to the following reasons:

  • Spinning produces low-quality content which can get your site penalized by search engines.
  • Google has software that can track down spun content unlike in the past where websites got away with spinning.
  • Spun content is impersonal. Your readers may not relate to the content or your brand as there are no personalized features or wordings that make the readers feel like they are being addressed in your pieces.

Article rewriting is the best option as it allows you to personalize content for your target demographic.

How We Ensure that Our Writers Produce Quality Rewritten Content

Content rewriting can only meet your goals if it is done by the best article rewriter who knows how to create original content without spinning existing material. We are a content marketing agency that offers article rewriting services for clients. We have a team of professional and experienced writers who can produce 100% original, high-quality, and search engine friendly material for your digital media platforms.

Our content rewriters use various techniques to ensure that we produce high-quality pieces. We take time to understand the demographic so that we can choose the type and style of content that will resonate with them. Our writers possess excellent research, creative, and writing skills. We can recreate existing information to make it stand out from any other related materials on the web.

Pricing plans

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$0.014Per Word
  • Content written in English and is suitable for article marketing sites with no quality requirements
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$0.02Per Word
  • Content written in English and is best for article marketing sites with little to no quality requirements.
  • The articles will be higher quality than Basic but WILL NOT pass high quality guidelines set by certain Authority sites.
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$0.03Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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$0.06Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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Our Rewriting Process

Here is how we add value to every piece that we rewrite:

  1. We write for you a new introduction

Since it is the opening paragraph that enables you to captivate your readers or lose them to your competitors, we ensure that we put fresh, relevant, and catchy content at the start. This not only makes your article more original but also makes it more engaging to keep your audience glued until the end of the article.

  1. We add headings and subheadings

We understand that readers are no longer interested in blocks of texts. To make your article more readable and improve its layout, we inject relevant headings and subheadings. If the original article has no headings/subheadings, we will professionally expound different sections by placing subheadings that serve to tell your readers what every part discusses.

  1. We add graphics

If the original article has no images, we will add relevant images to the rewrite. If it has, we will add new images to ensure that your post is fresh and more original. And if the original article includes a lot of figures, we can turn them into an infographic or use charts to get your point across in great visuals. Because creating infographics takes time, we have a different package for it. Learn more.

  1. We add a few links

To support facts and increase the value of your post, we always endeavor to add links to your article. We ensure that the links that we ad are not only live but come from reliable and authority websites so that your users and search bots won’t have a hard time finding them.

  1. We rearrange the content

We understand that sometimes rewriting and rephrasing words aren’t enough to make a blog post or article unique. To improve the uniqueness of your article, therefore, we don’t follow the original article’s exact order. We professionally reorganize it. You’ll get a feel of this better when you order from us.

  1. We mind SEO

If you provide keywords to be used in your article, they will be added based on your instructions. If you don’t provide us with a guide on how you want your keywords to be used, we will try to place them in the first and last paragraphs and throughout the article—naturally.

  1. We help you share your ideas

We believe that rewriting doesn’t entail just rephrasing the original content. We try to let your readers hear your voice by using only the original article as a reference. We don’t stay true to the original write-up (unless you ask us to do so) but keep its idea intact.

We can rewrite anything that uses words—blog posts, articles, sales letters, website content, books, essays, reports, manuscripts, email contents, eBooks, and ad copies to name a few. Most importantly, we rewrite every piece you assign to us according to your specification and requirements while ensuring that the content is 100 percent original, engaging, VALUABLE TO YOUR READERS, and is delivered within fast turnaround times.


In a digital world that’s saturated with information, writing something that will stand out to your audience is not an easy task. That’s why we are here to help. Our article rewriting services will enable you to produce fresh, original, and unique content that will make your readers feel like they are hearing about the topic for the first time. Contact us today so that we can discuss your marketing goals and help you produce quality rewritten content for your audience.



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