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Hire a Content Writer

Proven Tips to Hire a Content Writer for Your Business

Content writing is a proven technique for increasing the visibility of your website and other digital platforms. Creating content provides information to your target clients and also provide an avenue for them to engage with you and other readers. However, to achieve the benefits of content writing, you need a content writer for your business.

Professional content writers are experts who have mastered the art of writing blogs, articles, website copy, and other informational and marketing material for online consumption. They employ various techniques in their writing to optimize the page or site for search engines, increase visibility, and encourage readers to convert.

Here is a quick overview of some proven tips that you can use to hire content writers who will provide meaningful and action-oriented content for your business website and social media pages.

How Can You Hire Great Content Writers?

When looking for writers for hire, you will come across two types of professionals: freelance content writers and content writing agencies. Freelance writers are individuals who provide writing services, and you can find them through their portfolio websites. Content writing agencies are companies that have a team of professional writers that are employed or contracted to offer writing services.

Both options are great depending on your preference. However, writing agencies tend to be better options as they have a team of professionals to work with. They will take up your project and match you to the best writers who are experienced in providing content in your niche. They also offer a variety of services besides content writing, and these include SEO, site overhaul, design, and many more.

Before hiring freelance content writers or agencies, define your needs. Know the kind of content that you want and how it should be planned. This way, you can narrow down your search to experts who have experience in your industry and niche and who have the capability to meet your content needs.

Our Services

Article Writing

Quality and Engaging content helps your site rank well in SERPs AND compels visitors to act

Press Release Writing

Are you launching a new product or service? We’ll help you raise your business profile with copy that journalists will love


Update your business blog with relevant and well though-out posts. Go premium and get quality images and WordPress Integration

Technical Writing

Whatever the type of writing, watch our writers create a thorough and engaging content that captivates your audience 

Website Content

We deliver copies that guide your readers from point to point, and finally to your call to action


Our expert writers can create well-structured eBooks that explore your topic and provide real value for your readers 

Product Descriptions

We help you find a voice and product description style that suits your brand

Content Rewrites

Have existing contents re-written to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google 

What’s the Best Way to Hire Content Writers?

Don’t just find a writer online and assign them your project before ensuring that they are the best fit for your work. But how do you make this happen? Here are some steps that you can follow to find the best writers for hire:

  1. Voice your expectations and instructions: Once you find a writer or agency, let them know your guidelines and expectations beforehand. Doing this will save you from getting poor-quality work.


  1. Ask For Testimonials: Every good content writer has testimonials that can vouch for their work. Most professionals display these on their websites, and you can have a look at them and get an idea of what to expect from the writer.


  1. Get Samples: If possible, ask for samples of the writer’s work. Preferably, let the materials be related to content writing. Analyze them to get a feel of the writer’s expertise, grammar, voice, and organization of work.

Prepare to pay for quality. Writers that produce good-quality content are not cheap. Therefore, if you want quality, be ready to pay extra for it as it will be worth it in the end. Finally, keep communication lines open so that the writer can ask for clarifications whenever necessary.

Pricing plans

No hidden charges, No contracts


$0.014Per Word
  • Content written in English and is suitable for article marketing sites with no quality requirements
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$0.02Per Word
  • Content written in English and is best for article marketing sites with little to no quality requirements.
  • The articles will be higher quality than Basic but WILL NOT pass high quality guidelines set by certain Authority sites.
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$0.03Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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$0.06Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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Why Hire Our Content Writers?

Finding the best content writers in a digital marketplace that is saturated with poor, average, and expert writers can be daunting. Our content writing agency has some of the best content writers on the web today. Our writers have gathered years of experience in the industry, and they know what it takes to craft high-quality and action-oriented content.

Whichever industry you are in, we have a team of professionals to satisfy your audience with fresh and captivating material. What’s more, we also offer additional services that can revamp your content and improve your marketing strategies.

What Our Clients Say:

  • While working on my website, Sable Content writers helped me with so much more than just words. They brought extensive content marketing experience to the project, creating SEO-friendly copies on time and budget. I have no hesitation in recommending their services for any copywriting task where creativity is needed.

    Gary Dicke
    icke Business Development Director, Chaves HVAC
  • Having struggled with writing excellent copy for my counseling website, Sable Content team came to my rescue and crafted great content across a variety of pages which showcased my approach extremely well. As a result, I would highly recommend them to any anyone with similar needs or anyone who wants to update, refresh or refocus the content of their website.

    Sharon J. Bushnell
    Owner, Fremantle Counseling & Psychological Services
  • My blog post was professionally written with readers in mind and a clear goal to convert the readers into customers. The writer given to me inserted facts that connected perfectly to my audience. I will highly recommend them; they are pleasure to work with, very professional and exceptionally talented

    Jerry E. Johnson
    Director, Eventbrite
  • Absolutely outstanding copywriting! For me, this is simply a massive ten out of ten! I will certainly use Sable Content copywriting services again and again for my future content writing needs and also recommended them to everyone else.

    Mateus Cunha Alves
    Owner, Endeavour Images Photography
  • These guys gave substance and direction to my ideas to create engaging, easy to read and powerful contents for my website. I would highly recommend Sable content copywriting services to anyone looking for a fresh approach

    Kyla Hazelton
    Owner, Creative Music Adventures
  • These guys were amazing. They took time to understand the technical briefing that I placed for my whitepaper. Although the work was technical and challenging, they aced it! I highly recommend Sable Content to anyone who needs very creative and attentive copywriters.

    Helen Reeves
    Consultant, NanoWerk
  • Sable content was recommended to me by a close friend. My project was quite involving as my website was new but they held my hand from start to finish. Polite, very friendly and professional. They really got to the core of my aim and I am literally over the moon with copies that they produced. As it was me, I am ready and happy to pass their services details on

    Toby Kay,
    Owner, Punk Rock Shop


Hiring a content writer for your business may seem like an easy task, but it requires diligence. Good writers know how to create material that resonates with your audience and generates results. Contact us today for all your content writing needs. We will carefully listen to your needs and expectations and come up with a content creation strategy that will take your digital platforms to the next level.