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How to Get Quality Product Descriptions from a New Writer

If you are in the e-commerce industry, your store will need product listings at one point or another—whether it is for your products and services or your store menu. Considering that the product descriptions are going to be posted and featured on your website, Google, and sometimes social media, they should be very persuasive.

For starters, product descriptions are the little pieces of texts that tell your potential clients more about your product and services.

Product descriptions are very important when you are trying to generate an online presence for your brand or business. They do not only convey your products’ features to potential customers but Google also uses them to rank your website.

Writing a product description for one item is not that difficult as you need only a few minutes to figure out how to sell your products to the best of your abilities.

However, when you have a long list of items to work through, it can be mind-numbing. It is at this stage that most people opt to outsource their product descriptions to content writers.

But how do you ensure that the product description writer you hire gets you quality content that meet your needs?

You might be asking, what’s so difficult about hiring a content writer to craft for you product descriptions? You simply need a writer to create for you product descriptions that describe your products, right.


It is more than this because product descriptions should sell your products.

Although it is mostly considered as the last option for conversions, a product description is a potent persuasion tool for increasing sales.

A New Writer

If you are working with a writer for the first time, it can be a hassle to get him or her craft product descriptions that will meet your expectations.

Why? Well, to be sincere, writers are not angels! They cannot predict your expectations.

At Sable Content, we believe that the secret to getting high-quality product descriptions from new writers is giving them clear instructions. And when it comes to product descriptions, the instructions that you give to a new writer can make or break the quality of content that you get in the end.

If you want to get good product descriptions (that both your customers and Google will love) from a new writer(s), we recommend the following:

1. Let them know your target population

Let the writer know the people who are going to buy your products so that he or she can create product descriptions that fit the lifestyles, needs, and interests of that demographic. If you are selling baby toys, for instance, let your writer know that the product descriptions should appeal to parents and not college students.

2. Let them understand the basic features of your product

If you are dealing with products that aren’t common, it is highly recommended to give your new writer pertinent information concerning the product. Let them know the materials that are used to make the products, places of origin, and manufacturing process among other aspects. Although a competent writer can research on the features of the product, they may not find a lot of information on new or rare products, which simply implies that the final copy may not be that great.

3. Provide a copy of your customers’ FAQ

A good product description should tell the readers how the product or service will benefit them and solve their problems. To ensure that a writer comprehensively highlights how your products and services will help your clients, let him or her know you’re a few FAQs about your products so that they can figure out what they can add to your product descriptions.

4. Provide them with a format to follow

Different companies format their product descriptions differently—and there is no universal format. Let your writer know where they should add a bulleted list or just communicate the information about your products in sentence form (see samples below).

Here are some more product description examples that you can copy

If you have a link of product description that you like, instruct the writer to follow the format. By giving your writer a format to follow, you increase your chances of ending up with a superb content that meets your expectations.

5. Provide the keywords that you want them to include in the descriptions

Well written product descriptions should include keywords that make it easier for Google to find your content. Although you can let them write the product descriptions first—and then add the keywords yourself later, you can save a lot of time by listing the keywords that you want your writer to include in your descriptions.

6. Let the writer know things/aspects of your product to focus on

There are certain aspects or features of a product that can bring you more sales if they are strategically highlighted in a product description, including:

  • Best features and most important specifications of your products
  • How the product will help your clients save money
  • Fun product slangs that your clients will identify with
  • Bonus items that are included upon purchase of your products
  • Other product usage options

Let the product descriptions writer know what’s important to you—or what each copy shouldn’t miss.

Finding a Great Product Description Writer

Now that you know the information that you should give to a new writer so that you end up with a compelling copy, where do you find a writer that will execute your proposal professionally?

Well, most people will begin their search from freelancing sites. If you’ve hired writers before, you can confirm that finding a great writer is a big hassle and requires a lot of patience.

To save you from all these hassles, we’ve hired and trained a team that specializes in product descriptions. Our product description writers will not only craft for you superb, well-researched content for each of your products but they will also meet all your specifications/requirements. Our editors will then double check every product description before you set them live.  

Whether you are looking for e-Commerce descriptions for hundreds of SKUs or just product descriptions for a few products, we have the experience to handle all your writing needs.

If you plan to order more than 100 product descriptions, contact us first so that we can discuss a favorable turnaround time.

Want to talk about how Sable Content can help you create product descriptions for your business? Use the form below to contact us.


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