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How to Craft Content that Drives SEO

How amazing would it be if your business website appeared top on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Isn’t it incredible that your customers and potential clients would easily find you on the Internet you and do business with you?

Your business will only be relevant in the digital space if it appears on the first page on search engines. But do you know that every search generates hundreds of thousands of results? What are the chances that your page will appear first or even third among the hundreds of thousands of pages?

The answer is SEO content. SEO content writing and SEO copywriting are not new terms to many digital business owners. However, not many know what SEO content entails and how they can leverage it for their business marketing needs.

We are going to shed light on SEO content, what it involves, and how you can use it to transform your business in the digital space.

What’s SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing is the art of creating written content with the aim of attracting search engine traffic. Think of it this way: an Internet user goes to Google search and types the query “where to find cheap brown shoes in LA.” Google crawlers scan the Internet for any website pages that provide the information fed by the user.

Pages that have content with the words “cheap shoes in LA” will appear top on the results pages. Factors such as the frequency these words appear on the text, their relevance to the query, the organization of the text, and the quality and originality of the overall content will determine the order of ranking on the SERPS.

How Do You Write SEO Content?

SEO writing and SEO copywriting are different from other forms of writing in that they have a specific target—to make sure that your page ranks first or at least among the top three on SERPs. It is not just about generating articles and blogs—it is about ensuring that the following factors are given attention:

  • Keywords—both long tail and short tail
  • The frequency of keyword use
  • Quality of the content
  • Layout of content
  • Originality and authority of content
  • Visuals, i.e., images and videos

As you can see, SEO article writing is a strategy. You have to carefully research about and pay attention to keywords to ensure that they are relevant to the subject matter. Your work has to flow and be related to the keywords. The content must be original and unique.

SEO content writing isn’t something that an inexperienced business owner can undertake. They have to carefully plan for it and engage SEO content writing experts to ensure that this strategy eventually drives organic traffic to their website.

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  • Content written in English and is best for article marketing sites with little to no quality requirements.
  • The articles will be higher quality than Basic but WILL NOT pass high quality guidelines set by certain Authority sites.
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  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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Why Working with Our SEO Content Writers is a Smart Move

We’ve earlier mentioned that SEO content writing is not for any business owner. There is a need to engage the experts before embarking on the SEO journey. But why is that necessary?  Why should you outsource SEO content writing services to optimize your website?

Our SEO experts have mastered the art of SEO content writing. We understand that every business is unique and as such, we take the time to find out about your product or service and produce content that will be relevant to your target traffic. We have worked with numerous business and we understand what works and what does not work in the SEO world.

Besides generating high-quality, original, and authoritative content, our team of experts ensures that they create titles, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and internal links, all of which are useful for SEO. We understand that search engines are constantly changing their ranking tactics. As such, we stay abreast with these changes and tweak our content and SEO copywriting services to meet the expectations of search engines.

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Final Thoughts

SEO content writing is indispensable in the digital space. You can only be relevant if you are visible, and SEO writing is one of the best strategies to increase web visibility. We are expert SEO content writers who can help you create SEO-driven content for your website or social media pages. Contact us today and let us take over your content writing needs. We will produce content that will not only rank your page top on SERPs but also increase traffic and boost your conversion rates.


We are so confident in our team of writers and our copywriting process that if you are unhappy with any article within the first week it was created we will be happy to revise it until you are satisfied or issue you a refund!

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