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In this digital age, nearly all businesses and organizations run a website that acts as their digital presence and the first line of contact between them and potential customers. But owning a website is rarely enough. More than 85% of B2B and B2C marketers also leverage content marketing in the form of blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts to generate leads and close sales.

Every business has a specific target audience that it needs to reach to drive new customer leads and grow their revenue. Obviously, the average business needs quite a lot of content. This is where website content writing services come in. Web content writing is a specialized service that involves providing relevant and highly targeted content for websites, blogs, emails, social media posts and other online channels.

 Web content writing can either be done in-house or outsourced to freelance writers and/or boutique writing services.

Why Outsource Web Content Writing?

Imagine this: you’ve spent long and hard hours running your business. As your day wraps up, you feel totally drained and all you want is to go home and take your well-deserved rest. Then suddenly you remember you’ve still got to create your weekly blog post and social media content. Aaargh!

As your business grows, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will need help with your content writing tasks. In other cases, you might simply dislike online writing or find it too much of a hassle.

These are good reasons to outsource content writing. However, there are some other very solid reasons, too.

Pricing plans

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$0.014Per Word
  • Content written in English and is suitable for article marketing sites with no quality requirements
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$0.02Per Word
  • Content written in English and is best for article marketing sites with little to no quality requirements.
  • The articles will be higher quality than Basic but WILL NOT pass high quality guidelines set by certain Authority sites.
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$0.03Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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$0.06Per Word
  • Excellent content that can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles
  • The articles will meet content standards set for most authoritative sites
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1. Reader Engagement Is Dropping Off

 After months of writing your own online content, you might discover a significant drop off in customer and reader engagement. This could be down to several reasons. Maybe you are unable to write and publish the optimal number of blogs to maintain a high level of engagement. According to Hubspot, businesses that publish 16+ blogs per month receive 330% more traffic than those that publish four posts or less. Or maybe you are struggling to come up with new creative ideas for your web content. You are not alone. A 2016 B2B survey found that 57 percent of marketers struggle to create content consistently. Another study by Provoke Insights revealed that 42 percent of companies lack the necessary expertise to use content marketing effectively.

2. Need To Deliver Different Content Types

Boutique writing firms typically employ several writers who are experts at certain niches. By tapping into a wider pool of writers, you can access content that spans a wider range of topics and more varied content formats for your readers. This will help optimize your content marketing strategy and maximize your ROI.

3. Save money

Some business owners opt to hire in-house writers to take care of their content needs. One of the biggest drawbacks of a DIY approach, however, is the cost factor. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average base salary for in-house writers is $49,982. Throw in benefits, payroll tax and overheads, and the annual cost of hiring an in-house writer balloons to $79,726!

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario where a mid-size business requires 16 subject-matter specific blog posts per month. A boutique content production firm might charge $250 per 500-word post, which works out to $4,000 per month and $$48,000 annually.

That’s 40 percent cost savings! In many cases, outsourcing content writing leads to even bigger savings for your business.

What Makes our Website Content Writing Process Special?

What Our Clients Say:

  • While working on my website, Sable Content writers helped me with so much more than just words. They brought extensive content marketing experience to the project, creating SEO-friendly copies on time and budget. I have no hesitation in recommending their services for any copywriting task where creativity is needed.

    Gary Dicke
    icke Business Development Director, Chaves HVAC
  • Having struggled with writing excellent copy for my counseling website, Sable Content team came to my rescue and crafted great content across a variety of pages which showcased my approach extremely well. As a result, I would highly recommend them to any anyone with similar needs or anyone who wants to update, refresh or refocus the content of their website.

    Sharon J. Bushnell
    Owner, Fremantle Counseling & Psychological Services
  • My blog post was professionally written with readers in mind and a clear goal to convert the readers into customers. The writer given to me inserted facts that connected perfectly to my audience. I will highly recommend them; they are pleasure to work with, very professional and exceptionally talented

    Jerry E. Johnson
    Director, Eventbrite
  • Absolutely outstanding copywriting! For me, this is simply a massive ten out of ten! I will certainly use Sable Content copywriting services again and again for my future content writing needs and also recommended them to everyone else.

    Mateus Cunha Alves
    Owner, Endeavour Images Photography
  • These guys gave substance and direction to my ideas to create engaging, easy to read and powerful contents for my website. I would highly recommend Sable content copywriting services to anyone looking for a fresh approach

    Kyla Hazelton
    Owner, Creative Music Adventures
  • These guys were amazing. They took time to understand the technical briefing that I placed for my whitepaper. Although the work was technical and challenging, they aced it! I highly recommend Sable Content to anyone who needs very creative and attentive copywriters.

    Helen Reeves
    Consultant, NanoWerk
  • Sable content was recommended to me by a close friend. My project was quite involving as my website was new but they held my hand from start to finish. Polite, very friendly and professional. They really got to the core of my aim and I am literally over the moon with copies that they produced. As it was me, I am ready and happy to pass their services details on

    Toby Kay,
    Owner, Punk Rock Shop

In the not-so-distant past, web content writing was all about cramming as many keywords into your posts to make them more visible to Google search engines and rank higher than your competitors.

The digital marketplace has, however, changed dramatically over the past decade.

Google search algorithms have become a lot more sophisticated and no longer fall for simple keyword stuffing tactics. Instead, they pay more attention to factors like social signals, image inclusion, site quality, content layout and length and SEO. Creating the right kind of content takes a lot more skill in today’s cutthroat digital marketplace than it did just five years ago.

But that’s only the first part of the battle. After catching Google’s attention, you need to keep your readers engaged. It’s a hard skill to master since writing web content is very different from writing for print. You need to get your page leads right—maintaining a clear and consistent voice throughout your copy, being clear, concise and bold. To be honest, few businesses have the time or patience to learn the nitty gritty of what it takes to write great web copy.

We are experts at creating content that sells your products and services and drives higher revenues for your business. Our writers have the necessary nous and skills to develop content that consistently delivers results regardless of your industry. Over the years, we have created killer content for hundreds of businesses, companies, non-profit organizations, schools and other organizations. Contact us and let us help showcase your business or organization in the best possible light.

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