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Why Writing and Marriage Are Interesting Bedfellows

Although marriage and writing seem like two very different things, they are quite similar. Just like a good marriage, a good article will not only catch your eye, it will keep you interested. That’s why you are likely to buy books from the same author—just like you would be comfortable marrying a longtime lover. Here are ways in which writing is similar to marriage.

  1. Focus

If you are married, chances are that you made the decision to enter the union and keep it happy.  Since this is your goal, you are likely to strive to understand your partner, remember anniversaries, and work through any challenges that you may encounter.  After all, all that drives you is being in a good marriage.

Similarly, good writers set a goal before they start writing. There are two reasons why you should do this. First, setting an aim during text writing will enable you to maintain focus and be precise in your writing. Setting a goal will also help you keep time. You should decide a time to write the article and when to complete it. This will allow you to deliver the piece on time and manage your writing load.

  1. Learning

To improve your writing, you need to learn from others. This encompasses reading books or online articles containing useful writing tips. Reading articles on several topics will also help you learn new words, get ideas on how to write articles that flow better, or research on a topic that you have been assigned to write about. This is quite similar to what married couples do. They seek advice from knowledgeable marriage counselor before the wedding and in the course of the marriage.  Parents and friends also advice couples.  They listen and read all advice before choosing what works for them, just like you would if you intend to provide good article writing services.

  1. Creativity

Happy couples are creative.  If the union isn’t as satisfying as they want it to be, they keep trying new strategies to keep their marriage alive. They may visit new destinations, sign up for cookery classes to attend together or doing something as simple as holding hands while walking together. The point is that they keep looking for new ways to keep the marriage fresh so that none of them is bored.  Boredom leads to terrible things such as extramarital affairs (in marriage) or abandoned websites for writers who produce poor website content. To avoid such a situation, you should learn how to develop creative content for a website or hire experts to do it.  Not only are such writers creative, they are also dedicated.

  1. Patience

Be a patient writer or buy article from patient authors. You need to take time to understand the topic you are writing about, produce the article, and edit it several time to catch any mistakes. Such a trade isn’t for the faint-hearted or people looking to make quick money. It is just like being in a marriage. When two individuals with different personalities and backgrounds live together, things could get tough.  For such a marriage to be successful, they will need to be patient with each other and compromise if need be. Marriage, just like writing, requires a lot of patience. Just ask people who have been in such unions for decades.


Whenever you want to write an article, think of a marriage or a wedding. There are plenty of people to give you solid guidance. Just like old couples would advice the young, if writing is your true love, you will persevere. No matter how annoying the topic is or how many times you have to rewrite it, you will keep on doing it.





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